A mysterious storm sweeps across the world, its arrival unexpected and savage. For a few harrowing moments, not a single inch of the Earth is spared, battered by heavy rain and lightning. When the storm finally subsides, it leaves in its wake an equally puzzling conclusion: hundreds of thousands of people in a coma.

Speculation is rampant, but no one has any answers. Months pass, and like a domino effect, the victims start to emerge from their slumber one-by-one. But they’ve changed. They start exhibiting strange—and sometimes terrifying—new abilities. Suddenly, the impossible has become the possible, and extraordinary feats start to become routine.

Fantasy has become reality.

Jae Yeon is one of the many recipients of these new powers. A firefighter based out of Atlanta, he strives to use his newfound gifts for the good of the people. But a jealous rival, similarly imbued, seeks to undermine him, and will resort to anything just to tear his life apart . . .

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