A trap a lot of writers fall into is attempting to write a novel that tries please everyone.  They want to write that perfect novel that everyone can agree is awesome. The 5-star novel, rave reviews across the board, impeccable and flawless.

It wont happen.

You need to constantly remind yourself that you can’t please everyone. If you constantly worry about how everyone is going to perceive your novel, then you’re going to end up writing a novel that pleases no one. Every single book in history, successful or otherwise, had their detractors. Tolkien has detractors. George R. R. Martin has detractors. H.P. Lovecraft has detractors. Philip K. Dick has detractors. Stephen King has detractors. No one is free of criticism and naysayers.

Taste is subjective. Remember that. Just write the book you want to write. Don’t write the book you think everyone else wants. Writing what you want, how you want = authenticity. Give it your voice, make it real and raw, and the fans will (eventually) follow. And if you get a hater, well . . . so what? You can’t prevent it, so don’t worry about it. Haters are (unfortunately) a part of life. Tune ’em out, put your head down, and get to writing.