It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Two whole years. Wow. Didn’t mean to neglect the blog for that long. But during those two years, I spent a lot of it writing the sequel to the Evolution Trigger, so I suppose you could say I had good reason for my negligence. Well, re-writing it to be more accurate, as writing the first draft actually didn’t take long. It was the re-writes that got me. I’ve lost count the number of revisions Human Superior had to go through. A trial to be sure, polishing a novel. If I hadn’t forced myself to take a step back, and accept the fact that it wouldn’t be perfect for every single reader, then I might still be sitting here laboring over it.

I’m thankful it’s done though, and even more thankful once it was published back in July. I wasn’t expecting much however. The Evolution Trigger didn’t exactly light the world on fire, which I honestly never expected it to, considering I was a no-name writer dipping his toes in the water for the first time, so expectations for Human Superior weren’t particularly high. Mine was just another book dropped in an ever-growing pile of books that was the size of the all oceans combined. I felt if even five people bought it, I’d be extremely fortunate.

As expected, sales were slow to nonexistent for a couple of days. I shrugged my shoulders, exhaled, and went about constructing an outline for my third book. A writer’s job never ends, as they say. But then something funny started happening. My sales numbers and KU borrows started going up exponentially. A nice surprise, I thought, and when I dug into the numbers, there was an even bigger surprise waiting for me: a lot of it was driven by the Evolution Trigger, not for the sequel I had just released. A few people did buy and borrow Human Superior, but it couldn’t really compare to the first book I released nearly three years prior. I couldn’t understand it. I did zero advertising and marketing for either book. What was happening? What was causing this uptick? I did revamp the cover for the Evolution Trigger, as well as clean up the blurb for it, doing both in tandem with Human Superior’s release, but I found it hard to believe doing just those two things generated that much interest. I knew book covers were important, but were they really THAT important?

Maybe it was because I finally released a second book, and an unknown number of people decided now was the right time to jump in. Or maybe Amazon was doing some sort of marketing on my behalf. I really don’t know. I’m thankful, of course, but ignorant as to how all this happened. Maybe that’s the point. Maybe all of this is just blind, stupid luck. Maybe there is no rhyme or reason to success. Maybe it just simply happens.

The task, now, is to see if I can maintain this blind, stupid luck.