I just finished up with a free book promo for the Evolution Trigger, and I ended up giving away close to 3000 copies over a three day span. I like to think that’s pretty decent for a debut novel from a no-name author, so I’m pretty happy I was able to reach that number of people. If I can retain half of that , or even a third, for future sales, I’ll be ecstatic.

What’s really interesting, however, is that actual sales seemed to have picked up after the free promo ended. My book was floundering for a few weeks before I did the free book giveaway, ranking usually somewhere around the 200k-300k mark, but since last Friday it’s been around 30k – 75k, the rankings I was seeing post-debut,. The number of KENP read through Kindle Unlimited is at its highest ever, also. I expect the rankings and numbers to taper off again, but for now I’m pleased that the free book promotion seemed to have provided an additional boost for actual sales.

So, hooray for free books!