We all need a little assistance when writing. I certainly did. I ran into a lot of walls while writing the Evolution Trigger, and I’ll readily admit that I needed (a lot) of help along the way. That’s where On Writing by Stephen King and The Elements of Style (Free on Amazon Kindle as of this writing) by William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White came in. Out of every resource I used to give me a little push, free and paid, these two probably gave me the biggest ones that I needed.

On Writing is already quite well-known amongst would-be writers and readers alike. It’s half autobiography, half writing lessons, and an entertaining and easy read. I can’t recommend it enough. You can’t go wrong in incorporating lessons from someone as successful as Stephen King, and believe me, he will not lead you astray. His tips are brick house solid.

The Elements of Style is another well known book, and it lessons are built upon solidifying the basics. Which makes sense because without a firm understanding of the basics, how can you go about writing an entire novel? It’s like trying to build a house without laying down the foundation first. Stephen King actually attributes his prowess to the lessons contained within this book (not to mention recommending it in the aforementioned On Writing).

If you need assistance but can only afford, whether in time or money, a few resources, then these two should be it. They probably helped me more than any other resource I used to assist me in my own writing.