To build upon my last post about routine, I think the most important aspect of that would be to set a daily word count goal that you can realistically achieve. Doing so will ensure that your book will eventually be completed, as long as you sit down in your chair and get to typing everyday.

But what should that daily word count be? That’s entirely up to you. It can be anywhere from 100 to 10,000 (if your extremely confident in the speed of your writing). For me, I set a daily goal of at least 1000 words. If I’m able to match 1000 words a day, then I’ll have a 90,000 word manuscript after just three months. A 90,000 word novel is a good size. If you’re more likely to write a smaller novel, like say 50,000 words or so, then you can pump a novel out every two months or so, ensuring a steady stream of releases.

What happens if you don’t meet your daily requirement? Then add the amount you missed for the next day. So for example, if I was only able to write 800 words today, then I would add that remaining 200 for the next day, where I would have to write 1200 words. Doing so would ensure that you’re right on schedule.

When writing, try not to worry about making it perfect the first go-around. No one ever sells their first draft. The most important thing is to complete the manuscript first because without it, all you’ll have is just a half-completed book that you can’t sell, no matter how pretty your prose is. Finish it first, that’s the milestone you have to reach.  Once you do reach it, then you can get to rewrites, revisions, edits, etc.